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Honey Bay is located at the southern part of Lembeh Strait, Lembeh Island, Bitung City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Inspired by the beautiful cottages at Maldives and surroundings, the Honey Bay corporation pursued the dream to build cottages to cater travellers who choose Lembeh as their lavish holiday destination. The place is designed for adventurous macro-divng lovers because Lembeh Strait has its named for underwater critters around the world. The entire resort is marely combination of nature and modern design which is made of local wood and concrete materials to protect the Lembeh nature from the light of potential damage during the contractions.

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Tranquility and Relax

Located facing the view of Walenekoko Bay combined with the mangrove forest and palm trees enveloping the resort makes Honeybay Resort a secreted tranquil corner of Lembeh Island, just the right place for you to chill & relax.

Great Food

To guarantee the freshness, food miles are kept to a minimum: vegetables come from local market; meat from local farm; and fish caught fresh from the sea. Treat yourself lavishly with our Manadonese food especialy made for the enjoyment of our guest.

Excelent Facility and Service

Customer is our King! It’s all about the guests’comfort here in our resort 24/7. Resort is fully accomodated, clean and cozy, The pool is  spacios and has excellent view, just right to spend your precious time away from the hustle & bustle of the city life.

Great Adventure

Named as the world capital of muck diving, Lembeh offers you the habitat of unusual, exotic and juvenile organism that guaranteed will leave you awestruck. For those who prefer to stay dry, you could also explore more of the surrounding Island with our Sarena Island and Pal beach tour.

orangeicon DINING

Our restaurant has a stunning view to the lagoon surrounded by coconut trees which make you feel that you are far away from the city life. You will also get a view to the pool and mountain scenery during your meals time. Honey Bay Lounge and Resto provides a wide range of variety from local, western to vegetarian-based food upon request. We strongly recommed to taste our yellow chicken cooked with herbs and spices,smoked chilli fish and varieties of seafood.

orangeicon THE COTTAGE

Clean & Comfortable Rooms

Honey Bay Resort and dive center owns 15 clean, beautiful and comfortable cottages to pamper the guests. Our cottages present the unique nature view with the highest mountain in Bitung City “Klabat.”

Soak in Our Spacious Pool

Our cottage is equipped with spacious pool, dipping in the pool is an excellent choice to spend time with your loved ones

Celebrate the Local Tradition

All cottages (5x6m2) are designed similiar to the traditional Minahasa knock-down wooden house contruction “Irish”cottages are equipped with twin bed, while “Lotus” with king size bed; each has private balconies and bathroom.

Booking & Inquiries
instagram: /honeybayresortlembeh

jl.kampung ketang no.5, honey bay complex
pasir panjang, lembeh selatan, bitung,
north sulawesi, indonesia.


+62 852 9901 8488
+62 895 8020 10591



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